An Oasis of Ideas

It was at a Job Search focus group in Hyde Park that Kathie Turner first heard someone mention Journey to Hope.

The topic of conversation: LinkedIn Learning Lab.

“I wanted to know more,” Kathie says. “I had attempted LinkedIn prior — but with questions and some difficulties.”

Kathie remembers looking at her daughter’s profile and noticing how different it looked.

“I actually asked her to look at mine, and she hated it,” Kathie says jokingly.

In an ever-evolving technological society, it’s critical to keep up with the latest tips and trends, and LinkedIn Learning Lab allowed Kathie to learn how to do just that, while setting herself apart within her field.

After a positive experience at LinkedIn Learning Lab, Kathie was ready for her next venture: Strengths Based Career Management.

“I determined that I wanted to pursue another clinical position,” Kathie says. “But I’m also in the midst of more schooling. After returning to Northern Kentucky University (NKU) in the fall, I’ll be able to take the exam to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner.”

After engaging in two different offerings at Journey to Hope, Kathie has reemerged into the medical field as a family nurse practitioner at Crossroads Health Center, where she’ll be able to utilize her mental health certification in the near future.

“My interaction at Journey to Hope was very positive – I was kind of at a plateau where I felt like I was treading water,” Kathie says. “Coming to Journey to Hope was like a little oasis…I could exchange ideas, have intelligent conversation, and leave feeling very hopeful.”

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