Emotional & Spiritual Support

Art of Becoming

Friday, June 29, 1:30 - 3:30 PM for 7 weeks. Pre-registration required (here).

This 7-week group is a time for self-discovery and to explore the multiple ways you know yourself. Spiritual guide/sherpa/coach Maggie Beckjord will walk with you on this journey. 

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” ~ Fred R. Barnard

No artistic ability is necessary for this group, but you will leave with a new creative skill!

Simple Collage and Journaling - to understand your beliefs, your inner struggles, your desires to grow and take risks, the fears that are holding you back, as well as learning a symbolic intuitive language. You will cut, tear and paste images, words, etc. on a paper. Together we will look at the images and share what they seem to represent. Your personal gallery of images will reveal themselves to you and through you. In this way, you will develop a sort of language and understanding of something that is being revealed. There are many times that an image has more power to speak to the heart of a matter. The image can reference much without the limitation of precise words. Other times the marriage of image and words is exactly what your heart desires. Group led by Spiritual Director Maggie Beckjord. 

Breathe… Stretch… Release…

When we experience a loss, we experience not only a void in the physical realm, but a void that can take its toll on us mentally and emotionally, as well.  What may sometimes feel like a desperate or hopeless situation, however, is time-limited. You possess the ability to take control.  This 6-week practice of guided meditation and journaling will teach you the tools needed to release your pain of loss. With relaxation breathing techniques, light stretches, and movement, you'll be on your way to a sense of freedom and relief.  This offering is co-sponsored both by us, as well as Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Pre-registration and a $50 course fee are required, as mats, bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets, and journals will be provided. Space is limited.

Note: This is a seasonal offering. Check Our Calendar for news regarding the most up-to- date program offerings.

Caregivers’ Support Group

1st Sunday of the month, 3:30-5:30 PM.

Caregivers invest a lot of themselves, as daily living presents new challenges and requires physical, mental, and emotional energy for more than just one’s self. Regardless of proximity — whether your loved one is close to home, or across the country — caregiving is a lot of work. It’s a journey you shouldn’t have to face alone. Journey to Hope offers monthly meetings for caregivers of all kinds. Each session begins with a short presentation from an outside professional on a topic related to caregiving. It's a way to learn new tips and ways of thinking, or doing. It’s also a way to practice self-care and ease one another’s burdens. Group members grow together and become friends as they listen and share their sometimes joyful, sometimes challenging experiences of all that encompasses caregiving. We invite you to join us from 3:30 p.m. until 5 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month.

Note: We do not meet in July.

Coping with Grief Through the Holidays

Coming in November 2018, 7-8:30 PM. Pre-registration is required.

Celebrating the holidays following a loss can present unique challenges. Learn how to honor this grief and support your well being during the holiday season. This single session will cover coping strategies developed through lived experience. 

Grace Trail


This 6-week series is based on Life Coach Anne Barry Jolles’ book Grace Trail: Find Your Footing and Move Toward the Life You Meant to Live, which expresses themes of joy, hope, and perhaps most impactful, resiliency – the ability to recover and effectively embrace change. According to Journey to Hope Executive Director Diane Kinsella, who leads Grace Trail, “Change is never easy, and all of what we do is about transitions.” If you’re ready to bounce back from what’s been holding you down or weighing on you heavily, this group is for you. “Whether it’s a career change that is hoisted upon one, or a diagnosis of some kind, or a death — in all cases it’s a big change,” Kinsella says. 

Grief Coaching

Tuesdays, beginning June 5, 7-8:30 PM (5 weeks). Pre-registration required (here). 

While we all experience grief at certain points in our lives, it can oftentimes feel isolating — like no one understands exactly what we’re going through. Stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance come and go. It’s a scattered process with ups and downs, but it’s normal — especially after facing a loss of any kind. Know that you’re not alone. Your experience is unique; it is special — near and dear to your heart. Whether attempting to cope with the loss of a failed relationship, the death of a loved one, the distancing of a child or friend, there are tools at your disposal. Our coaches are equipped to help you discover your strength and ability to recover. You deserve to feel good again, and you will, as the grieving process gets easier with acknowledgement, time, and action. Sharing your story takes courage, and perhaps the most difficult part of confronting your grief head-on is walking through our doors. We are here to support one another, however, as we focus on the present moment and the freedom that comes when we refuse to allow ourselves to get caught up in “what ifs” and fears loss presents.

Guided Meditation on Forgiveness

When someone hurts us, it can be hard to forgive and let go. Doing so, however, allows us to heal and ultimately gain strength as we continue to move forward with life. Based on Flora Slosson Wuellner’s book Forgiveness, the Passionate Journey, this class is intended to provide you with a system of support, while also assisting you with a gentle process of guided meditation that will help you find peace. Copies of the book will be available on loan, as you’re invited to read at your own pace while taking the class to achieve healing as you are ready. This is a 6-week series in which pre-registration is required.

Note: This is a seasonal offering. Check Our Calendar for news regarding the most up-to- date program offerings.

Memories in the Making

Journey to Hope is pleased to partner with the Alzheimer’s Association and its Memories in the Making program, in which individuals in the early-middle stages of dementia engage in painting and drawing as a form of self-expression to recreate fond memories they may have. Group members and their art facilitators meet Monday mornings, while caregivers have a chance to connect and receive support on Journey to Hope’s campus at the same time. The program is free to anyone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia; however, registration is required through the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati. Contact Joan Hock for more information — jhock@alz.org / (800) 272-3900.

Qigong & Tai Chi Chuan

Tuesdays, beginning March 20, 7-8 PM (5 weeks). Pre-registration required (here). 

Tuesdays, beginning May 22, 7-8 PM (5 weeks). Pre-registration required (here). 

Tuesdays, beginning July 17, 7-8 PM (5 weeks). Pre-registration required (here). 

Join us on the Journey to Hope lawn as we study and practice the ancient Chinese holistic system of Qigong (its literal translation is the “cultivation of life force or energy”), which is aimed at integrating posture, breathing, meditation, and movement to enhance spirituality. After kicking off this 13-week series with Qigong, you can then apply your new knowledge as we transition into our practice of Tai Chi Chuan. No experience is needed, as the class is led by a professional with more than 55 years of experience in martial arts.