A Dream Discovered

For a stay-at-home father transitioning into part-time work, it can be difficult to find one’s footing and reemerge into the professional world.

“You’re at a stage in life when you’re really trying to recalibrate yourself,” Patrick Kerin says.

Patrick is a part-time adjunct professor and field supervisor at the University of Cincinnati, and prior to his full-time work as a father, he taught high school.

His wife had previously participated in Journey to Hope’s “Now What? Finding Career Clarity & Life Direction from the Inside Out,” and after hearing such great things, Patrick knew he was next in line.

“What are some dreams I’ve always wanted to accomplish?” Patrick remembers continuously pondering. It was through “Now What?” that he was able to discover them.

“You had the wisdom of the group behind you,” Patrick says. “They really helped me see things that were there – but that were buried – it removed a lot of layers.”

Since his time in “Now What?” Patrick says he’s been provided with a fresh look at teaching and writing. He is more assertively looking for high school teaching jobs and has recognized his passion and potential for writing, as his blog has steadily grown. He was even interviewed for “Heartland History,” a podcast produced by the Midwestern History Association – a true honor for Patrick.

“Through ‘Now What?’ I was able to confirm my interests from a new angle,” Patrick says. “The program was outstanding – I had to work at it – but it was well moderated. People were pushed when they needed to be pushed.”

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