Governing Grief

When Jaelyn Davis lost her best friend unexpectedly, grief consumed her.

Unlike other emotions, grief presents itself as a vicious cycle – one that is not linear in nature – but instead one that can generate feelings of anger, which can then turn to sadness, then to confusion, then to acceptance, but suddenly and unexpectedly, back to severe depression.

It’s easy for one to feel hopeless and consumed by grief, but for Jaelyn, those feelings dissipated after attending Grief Coaching Group as it allowed her to connect with others and know she wasn’t alone.

“I will remember the people who made up the group,” Jaelyn says. “I will remember their pain and how we all related to each other.”

Beyond feeling connected to others, Jaelyn says she’s gained takeaways that have enabled her to move forward with her life, despite the fact that her session of Grief Coaching Group has come to an end.

“Moving forward, I will remember to meditate – and how it is OK to take my time during this period and allow the feelings to happen,” Jaelyn says. Grief knows no time limits, and there is no better way to move through the process than to honor one’s own feelings and know how much they matter.

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