COVID Resiliency

Journey to Hope (JtH) has been an invaluable resource in helping me negotiate turbulent changes, both mentally and emotionally, in a Covid-19 world.

As someone who relies on busyness to cope, these mechanisms became an obstacle to my personal and professional development. Diane’s counsel and the supportive programs offered at JtH have “held a space” and guided me through much needed reflection. JtH has provided valuable, immediately applicable, expertise through tools I can use in real time. Sure, there are internet tools, but none that fortify and nurture resiliency of the whole person; The programs address both “heart and head” issues needed to face complex issues based on my individual needs.  I now feel more confident and capable to navigate through uncertainty and fear, and can focus on developing my full potential.  I am eternally grateful to Diane and JtH for helping me slow down, examine and redirect me into a more centered, thoughtful, positive focus to not only survive but thrive.

Additionally, the accessibility of programming – such as its affordability – eliminates an important barrier. ~Ramona Toussaint

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