Job Search Roller Coaster

Career transition is difficult! Especially if that transition has happened late career. I knew I could deal with updating my resume, networking and all the other valuable tools we have to help us in a career transition.

But one thing I underestimated was the mental aspect of the job search process. After the enthusiasm of updating my resume and using the tools to help in my search we forget about the emotional ups and downs related to the job search. The emotional aspect of my search was the bullet train I just didn’t see!

This is why I found Journey to Hope’s job search support group a fantastic outlet to talk about the emotional side of the job search. Diane Kinsella and her group provided the support needed to not only deal with the emotions but more importantly how to deal with what triggers negative emotions during the whole process and how to suppress the negative emotion triggers. Maintaining emotional health is important in the job search process and Journey to Hope provided the emotional support I needed. ~Jeff Schraer

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