Emotional Well-Being

Burnout! Unlock the Stress Cycle

Coming Winter 2022

What’s creating YOUR sense of burnout?

  • COVID 19?
  • Isolation?
  • Caregiving?
  • Job Searching?
  • WFH?
  • WFH AND supervising your kids’ e-learning?

Whatever the cause, this group is for you!

Ever feel overwhelmed and exhausted by everything you need to do, and yet still worry you're not doing enough? It's not a lack of trying, either, to follow all of the "should" advice.

Join us to figure out what wellness can look like in your actual/real life, confront the barriers that stand between you and your own well-being, put those barriers in context and map out paths around and over or through them - and blow them to smithereens. With science.

Leave empowered to create positive change for yourself!

Caregivers’ Support Group – Blended [In Person and via Zoom]

1st Sunday of the month, 3:30-5:30 PM |via Zoom | Save My Seat

Caregivers invest a lot of themselves, as daily living presents new challenges and requires physical, mental, and emotional energy for more than just one’s self. Regardless of proximity — whether your loved one is close to home, or across the country — caregiving is a lot of work. It’s a journey you shouldn’t have to face alone. Journey to Hope offers monthly meetings for caregivers of all kinds. Each session begins with a short presentation from an outside professional on a topic related to caregiving. It's a way to learn new tips and ways of thinking, or doing. It’s also a way to practice self-care and ease one another’s burdens. Group members grow together and become friends as they listen and share their sometimes joyful, sometimes challenging experiences of all that encompasses caregiving. We invite you to join us from 3:30 p.m. until 5 p.m. on the first Sunday of each month.

Note: We do not meet in July.

Coping with Grief Through the Holidays – Blended [In-Person and via Zoom]

Tues., Dec. 7 | 7-8:30 PM | Single Session | Save My Seat! 

Celebrating the holidays following a loss can present unique challenges. Learn how to honor this grief and support your well being during the holiday season. This single session will cover coping strategies developed through lived experience. Walk away with specific tools and techniques to survive the holidays well! Pre-registration required. 

Courage and Resiliency – Blended [In Person and via Zoom]

Tues., Oct. 5 | 7-9 PM | 7 weeks | Limited to 15 | $30 | Save My Seat

The struggle of isolation, physical distancing, and economic challenges all create more opportunities than ever to be hooked by an emotion that can bring out the worst of us.

In a job search? It's more challenging than ever before! Get clear of any "baggage" you carry from the last job, the job search process, and free yourself to LAND that job!

We’re going to explore both The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ materials by Brené Brown to find a path to more wholehearted living, where we can Show Up | Be Seen | Live Brave. Led by Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Diane Kinsella.  Pre-registration required. 

Creative Connections: Thriving Together – In Person

Thurs., Oct. 14 | 7-8:30 PM | 6 weeks | Limited to 8 | $5 for supplies | Save My Seat

We will explore the Chakra system and creative expressions [NO creative "talent" needed to participate] as a way to reconnect with our values, ourselves, and community. As Dr. Brené Brown says, "We move what we learn from our head to our heart through creativity." Bring your curiosity, get back in touch with your imagination and intuition, and create new connections through art and words. Again, NO artistic talent is required! Led by Shawna Southwick, PhD and Melinda Tarter.

Everyday Spirituality

Coming in Winter 2022

While some of the physical distancing requirements are loosening, we are still in challenging times. One way to find peace with the chaos, shortages of goods and services, and limited contact with others, is to search for spirituality in the ordinary. This program is about developing the practice of spirituality in everyday life. Therefore, it is not merely informational (in the head), but inspirational (heart) and transformational (practical living). Come, explore, and lean into the sacred – and leave refreshed with a new perspective to take on your journey.   Pre-registration required. 

Facing Your Fears: Coaching for Anxiety – Blended [In-Person and via Zoom]

Thurs., Sept. 30 | 7-8:30 PM | 5 weeks | $15 | Save My Seat 

Learn a process for staying in the present moment, rather than the future or the past, and experience RIM for getting clear of emotional blocks related to anxiety. RIM stands for Regenerating Images in Memory: a closed eye, verbal, whole brain and body transformational tool that quickly and easily releases stuck negative emotions and regenerates them into positive ones. Led by Diane Kinsella who is completing certification training in this modality. You can learn more about RIM at www.riminstitute.com or by reading Dr. Deborah Sandella's book: Goodbye Hurt & Pain.

Forgiveness – a Four Fold Path for Healing

Coming Winter/Spring 2022

We will use Archbishop Desmond Tutu's book, The Book of Forgiving: The Four-Fold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World, on forgiveness to uncover our personal paths for forgiving others and ourselves, which liberates us into all that we can be! Discover a model of forgiveness and why forgiving is one of the best things you can for your own health and well-being. Led by Laura Battenberg and Diane Kinsella. Pre-registration required. 

Grief Coaching Group – Blended [In Person and via Zoom]

Tues., Nov. 2 | 7-8:30 PM | 5 weeks | Limited to 8 | Save My Seat

While we all experience grief at certain points in our lives, it can oftentimes feel isolating — like no one understands exactly what we’re going through. Stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance come and go. It’s a scattered process with ups and downs, but it’s normal — especially after facing a loss of any kind. Know that you’re not alone. Your experience is unique; it is special — near and dear to your heart. Whether attempting to cope with the loss of a failed relationship, the death of a loved one, the distancing of a child or friend, there are tools at your disposal. Our coaches are equipped to help you discover your strength and ability to recover. You deserve to feel good again, and you will, as the grieving process gets easier with acknowledgement, time, and action. Sharing your story takes courage, and perhaps the most difficult part of confronting your grief head-on is walking through our doors. We are here to support one another, however, as we focus on the present moment and the freedom that comes when we refuse to allow ourselves to get caught up in “what ifs” and fears loss presents. Pre-registration required. 

Imperfect and Enough!

Coming Summer 2022

Let go of who you think you are supposed to be - and embrace who you ARE!

Are you engaging in the world from a place of worthiness?

This group is about learning to be wholehearted and exploring why we focus so much on what other people think. It's about steeping into the belief, I AM IMPERFECT and I AM ENOUGH! DIG Deep (Get Deliberate; Get Inspired; Get Going ) and make commitments to incorporate what you learn. We'll use The Gifts of Imperfection™ by Dr. Brené  Brown and a brand new workbook. Work with coach Diane Kinsella, Certified Daring Way Facilitator. Pre-registration required. 

Mess Mender Series – REFRESHED for a COVID world! – via Zoom

3rd Mondays | Per Below | 7-8 PM | $10 | via Zoom | Register for each month's program below

Meet: Polly Giblin, a professional organizer of thoughts and things! Polly writes, in her introduction, "I have always been a fan of transformation. I'm a sucker for all those makeover shows, the befores and afters will lure me in every time. The more I work with organizing clients, the more I enjoy it because I can actually see and be a part of creating those transformational results.

September: It's Time to Get Organized - Learn how to manage your calendar and your clutter SAVE my Seat!

October: Overcoming Our Emotional Attachment to "Things" SAVE my Seat! 

December: The Upsides of Downsizing SAVE my Seat!

Mindfulness: Access Your Personal Power – Blended [In-Person and via Zoom]

Preview: Wed., Sept. 22 | 7-8:30 PM | Limited to 15 | Save My Seat! 

Wed., Oct. 6 | 7-8:30 PM | 6 weeks | $60 | Limited to 15 | Save My Seat! 

With busy lives and so much that seems out of our control, we can feel powerless to our circumstances at times. Without realizing it, we may offer our attention more to what we do not want than what we do. Our personal power is rooted in what we choose to focus on and how we choose to respond. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment with non-judgment while being curious and compassionate about what we observe going on inside and around us. It is a transformational life skill with many benefits for the mind, body, and spirit including increased positive feelings and self-compassion, improved health benefits, decreased emotional reactivity, and better relationships with ourselves and others.

In this 6-week course, we will explore what mindfulness is (it is so much more than just sitting meditation!). We will learn diverse, accessible, and fun strategies to cultivate mindfulness including breathwork, guided visualization, movement, and improv. As we do, we will tap into our personal power to enjoy more moments – even when stress and distractions abound.

Mindsets/Topics Covered include: Curiosity, Connection, Compassion, Gratitude, Creativity, and Amusement

Led by Certified Mindfulness Instructor Heather Curran, whom you can read about here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heatheracurran/

Rising Strong: Resiliency for Life

Coming Winter 2022

What would it feel like to create a brave new ending to your story of struggle?

Any struggle qualifies:

  • I'll never get ahead because...
  • I'm not good enough...
  • I'll never find a job...

Rising Strong™ is based on the simple physics of vulnerability: if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. This is a curriculum about what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of strugles gives us the power to write a daring new ending.

Let go of messages like "I'm not _________ enough," to move beyond comparison and embrace the freedom of being authenitcally YOU. Live with more gratitude, self-compassion, and creativity! Pre-registration required.